Bosun vape  was founded with a simple mission at heart, to change the way society thinks about Cannabis,focused on creating outstanding, consistent and pure cannabis based products. Working with PhD Chemists, has developed a line of products that is unparalleled.
Bosun vape believes in knowledge. We are scientists and engineers at heart that are constantly looking to enhance products and processes. We have a passion for using the art of continuous improvement to stay at the cutting edge of the industry.
Our medical, scientific, and development team are uniquely qualified to ask the right questions, specify exacting formulations, and conduct research aimed at producing the finest and most consistent cannabis-based products on the market.
Bosun vape believes in the power of research to advance understanding, and discover new opportunities to enhance well-being, with ingredients derived from the cannabis plant – one of humanity’s most ancient sources of natural medications.Breaking free of worn, irrelevant stereotypes, we’ve developed a product designed to challenge, innovate and inspire.
Bosun vape  believes in purity, testing ingredients and product components to assure 100% compliance with our benchmark quality standards.